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Well wishes should be turned into disaster donations

Well wishes should be turned into disaster donations

Staff Reporter

PEOPLE who intend to spend money on adverts to wish President Hage Geingob well on his birthday have been requested to rather divert the funds to the National Disaster Fund.

In a statement issued by the Namibian Presidency, the request stems from an urgent need to accelerate the Namibian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic that is fast turning into a disaster for the country.

Geingob will celebrate his 79th birthday on Monday, 3 August.

“In light of the accelerated response of the Government to fight COVID-19, President Geingob urged corporates and individuals not to put out adverts of well-wishes in newspapers and other publications,” the statement reads.



In his message, Geingob said that the country is facing a deadly and invisible enemy and that the health of Namibians remains the biggest priority.

“The Government alone cannot defeat the virus and needs everyone to play a role in arresting the spread and assisting the vulnerable among us. For the occasion of my 79th birthday on 3 August 2020, I encourage corporates and individuals not to place adverts in newspapers and other publications. Instead, and in light of the gravity of COVID-19, I urge corporates and individuals to contribute monetary resources or in kind-donations to the national response,” the President said.

Geingob thanked corporates and individuals who have so far demonstrated care to their fellow citizens by contributing to the national response.

“For those of you who are planning to contribute to mark my birthday, I wish to thank you in advance for your generosity. Yes, together we can defeat COVID-,” he said.

Individuals or institutions who wish to contribute to the National Disaster Fund are requested to divert monetary contributions to the verified account, of which the details are provided.


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