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Suicide rocks court in Rundu

Suicide rocks court in Rundu

Eba Kandovazu

OFFICIALS at the Rundu Magistrate’s Court were baffled and shocked after the lifeless body of a 32-year-old woman was found in the holding cells.


It is alleged that the convicted person committed suicide shortly after she was sentenced to six months in jail on a charge of child abandonment. Court orderlies that had to transport the woman back to the police holding cells where she would have been processed to be sent to a correctional facility made the discovery at about 17:00 on Tuesday.


State Advocate Johan Pienaar explained that the incident left most of the court officials in shock. He said it the first time that such an incident occurred at the Rundu Magistrate’s Court.


Upon sentencing the convicted person was given the option to pay a fine of N$3 000 instead of spending six months in jail.


The woman was charged with child abandonment after she snuck away from the Rundu State Hospital shortly after giving birth to a baby girl during November 2015.


The woman was reunited with her daughter a few years after the incident. Social workers intervened and counselled both mother and child.


The Kavango East Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu, confirmed that the convicted person committed suicide. He said she hung herself with a scarf.


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