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Tables turned on panga wielding attacker

Tables turned on panga wielding attacker

Maria David

THE 27-year-old Angula Paulus has been hospitalised after he sustained serious injuries during a panga attack at the Omafo Village in the Etayi constituency of Omusati Region, on Monday evening.


Omusati Regional Commander Commissioner Titus Shikongo, stated that a case of Combating of Domestic violence Act, Act 04/2003, attempted murder was registered.


“It is alleged that Paulus came into the house of the suspect late at night while the occupants were asleep,” he said.


Shikongo indicated that Paulus entered the suspect’s room while armed with a panga where he started to threaten the suspect with death. The suspect managed to grab the panga from Paulus and used that same weapon slash at the forehead and face of the would-be attacker


In the process, Paulus sustained deep cuts on his head and on his cheek under his left eye.


“He has been admitted at Oshakati State Hospital in the intensive care unit, were his currently receiving emergency medical treatment,” stated Shikongo.


Shikongo pointed out that the 18-year-old suspect has since been arrested and appeared before Outapi Magistrate’s Court.


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