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Namibian man escape racially motivated attack in UK

Namibian man escape racially motivated attack in UK

Staff Reporter

A 21-year-old Namibian man in the United Kindom escaped death last week Wednesday when a car was used as a weapon in an alleged racially motivated attack.


The young Namibian man said that he has at least six months of recovery ahead of him after suffering a broken leg, nose and cheekbone.


According to a BBC news report, the incident happened in Horfield, Bristol, when the young Namibian man, who has opted to remain anonymous, was targeted by a driver after racially-charged language was exchanged.


The case is currently with the Avon and Somerset Police.


21-year-old Namibian man United Kindom escaped death Wednesday car weapon racially motivated attack


The Southmead Hospital employee was hit by the car in Monks Park Avenue at around 6:30, the police further reported.


“I don’t feel safe to walk outside and I can’t play football, record my music, go to the gym or even sleep. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, I want people to be aware,” said the man.


His mother said he had to undergo four hours of surgery to remove glass from his face after the car was “used as a weapon” and “drove at him, mounting the pavement”.


“They saw the colour of his skin and attacked him,” she said, adding that “He was hit so hard it squashed his legs and threw him onto the windscreen and the attackers then screamed racial abuse at him.”


“I was told by doctors he was lucky to be alive,” the mother further said to a BBC reporter.


According to her, 15 people heard him being called a racist name.


“Why was my son targeted? We are very concerned that this will happen again,” she said.


The victim was treated for his injuries at Southmead Hospital and was discharged the following day.


Police said witnesses described seeing two men running off and their accounts suggested it was deliberately driven at him and that racist language was used following the collision.


The road was closed while investigators examined the scene and recovered a blue Honda Accord.


Inspector Lorna Dallimore said the man was injured in “a deliberate act,” which “could have resulted in a fatality.”


“It is being treated and investigated as racially aggravated assault,” said Dallimore.


Bristol’s deputy mayor, Asher Craig, described the attack as “appalling and sickening.”


“We stand in solidarity with this citizen and condemn the abhorrent behaviour of the perpetrators,” she added.


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