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NUST lecturer tests positive

NUST lecturer tests positive

Eba Kandovazu

THE University of Science and Technology today announced that a part time lecturer in the department of Architecture and Spatial Planning has tested positive for the coronavirus.


The lecturer, according to the Acting Vice Chancellor, Andrew Niikondo, indicated that they were not feeling well on 15 July and subsequently visited a doctor, who recommended that they get tested for COVID-19.


Niikondo indicated that the lecturer last visited the campus on 8 July. The patient is currently in a state quarantine facility.


University Science Technology announced part time lecturer department Architecture Spatial Planning tested positive


Meanwhile, Niikondo also said that another staff member from the HR department was recently in close contact with a family member who had tested positive for the virus on 19 July and 26 July. The person, who is being referred to as a presumptive case, is waiting for their results. She is currently in isolation.


“Other staff members who have been in contact with both the positive case and the presumptive case have been identified and advised to self isolate for 14 days. A full disinfection of the affected surface areas has already been done and the university has additional measures to minimize potential exposure to the virus by its broader and surrounding community, ” Niikondo concluded.


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