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Geingob calls for member unity during introspection

Geingob calls for member unity during introspection

Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob today encouraged members of the leading Swapo party to desist from attacking each other through the media by encouraging them to instead engage within the party’s structures.


Geingob was speaking at the party’s two day meeting aimed at re-examining the partys core values, ideology and purpose.


“Let us agree that we all want Swapo to succeed. The Swapo Party is bigger than each of us and we must unite to ensure that the party outlives all of us. In this context, our process of honest introspection can be seen as cathartic and healing. Our time and energy must be dedicated to serving the masses and not fighting one another. Contrary to the insinuations of certain doom-mongers, Swapo is not facing an existential crisis,” he said.


  • President Hage Geingob members leading Swapo party attacking media


In the same vein, the party president also reminded Swapo comrades that they aren’t enemies and to never forget that they are brothers and sisters. He, however, added that he does not advocated for the demonisation, insults, rumour mongering and under-handed tactics which make it difficult to look one another in the eyes and sit at the same table after contestation.


“As for claims that proceeds from the current Fishing Sector corruption case were used to buy votes during the 6th Elective Congress, it is not true. The clumsy attempts to falsely paint Swapo as a party of corrupt elites is a talking point of those who seek to destroy our party from within and from outside. It appears they believe that repeating this lie as often as possible will make it true. What is true is that Swapo has no reason to protect individuals who betray the trust of the party and engage in self-enrichment as that is a betrayal of the sacred trust bestowed on us by the masses,” President Geingob said.


At the same meeting, the Party’s Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa, also maintained that detractors want to see the party divided, adding that they will not succeed.


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