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Living without limbs

Living without limbs

Eba Kandovazu

LIKE any other child, Josephina Johannes, aged 11 hangs onto the hope that someday, she too will be successful in her studies and help her family out of poverty.


Born without limbs, Josephina’s obstacle is not having a properly functioning wheelchair.


Her mother, Selma Jeremiah, 43, and a single mother of eight says her daughter struggles on a daily basis to go to school and move around the house as she has no aid to assist her in her disability. She has no proper wheelchair and often falls off her school chair during class, as she has no balance.



Johaness hails from Oshigambo and is seeking for help from public members, in securing a functional wheelchair, designed to keep her in balance so that she can concentrate better in class. She is currently in grade four.


Her mother, Jeremiah in an interview with this publication said that her daughter, who is the youngest of her children is appealing to any Samaritan to help her acquire a tailor-made school desk as she falls from her desk.


“She also needs books, blankets and sanitary cosmetics. I am unemployed and I have a lot of mouths to feed. We currently survive on my daughter’s disability grant which is N$ 250 and it is not enough,” Jermiah said.


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