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China donates equipment to contain COVID-19

China donates equipment to contain COVID-19

Staff Reporter

THE People’s Republic of China has once more donated aid to contain the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Namibia which is still surging in the Erongo Region.


The donation which includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) personal protective clothing and supplies valued at N$4 342 320.00.


Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, said that seeing as the number of cases continues to increase, there is a need for more isolation facilities to isolate confirmed cases and more quarantine facility for the identified contacts to curb further transmission.


Republic China donated aid outbreak COVID-19 Namibia Erongo Region


Shangula in addition stated that more personal protective equipment (PPEs) are needed to ensure that health workers, rapid response teams and those manning quarantine and isolation facilities are protected from potential exposure.


“Obtaining these supplies from outside markets has been very challenging due to travel bans and restrictions worldwide. The Ministry procured a number of these items as per the COVID-19 procurement plan and has also received donations from local and international partners, government and individual entities. However, most of these supplies and items are single-use.” Dr. Shangula added.


He further added that stock has to be replenished frequently given the increasing number of cases.


“Although Namibia’s infrastructure is incomparable to China, the lessons learned equipped Namibia to go a long way in halting the transmission for weeks and containing it in one locality.” Dr. Shangula concluded.


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