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Sky darkened by dust cloud

Sky darkened by dust cloud

Niël Terblanché

A DENSE cloud of dust that enveloped the main towns along the coast as a result of a strong desert wind and low visibility is causing hazardous driving conditions at the coast.


The sky has been turned to an orange brown colour and sand and dust has been settling in thick layers in the homes of residents Henties Bay, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.


The dust cloud is also causing poor visibility on the roads.


  • cloud dust towns coast desert wind low visibility hazardous driving


Motorists have been asked to take caution, drive slowly and to ensure that the headlights of their vehicles are switched on when they do have to take to the roads.


The east wind has also formed several small sand dunes at the palm tree entrance of Walvis Bay, which could also be a dangerous hazard for drivers especially with the poor visibility caused by the dust cloud.


Older coastal residents reported that it is the first time in many years that such a dense cloud of dust he been observed during east wind conditions.


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