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Patients upgraded to better isolation facility

Patients upgraded to better isolation facility

Marthina Mutanga

AFTER living in fear of being re-infected with COVID-19 for weeks while under mandatory isolation in Walvis Bay, the inauguration of more rooms isolation wards has eased the pressure on much-needed infrastructure.


The Regional Governor, Neville Andre, said that the new facility was a training centre that fell into disuse two years ago.


“Because of the escalating number of new cases every day we just had to find accommodation fast,” he said.


Andre noted that there are 300 people currently in the quarantine facilities and the authority is working on improving the conditions.



“Not everyone will be happy also,” said Andre.


The patients who shared their experience after having been subjected to bad living conditions in another facility said they are happy now and that proper social distancing can be practised because their beds are at least one meter apart and that they are receiving better care.


“We did the second test and come out negative and patients are moved into a separate room and the other room is for the pregnant women and the positive room is separate too. We are happy now,” the patients said.


The patients shared their harrowing experience while in supervised isolation in the recently completed Kondja Isolation Ward at the Walvis Bay District Hospital.


The new accommodation has an extra sink to wash their dishes and where they can get water to boil or drink.


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