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Police hunting for poacher gang

Police hunting for poacher gang

Niël Terblanché

THE discovery of a camouflage uniform of the Namibian Defence Force among the belongings of a gang of poachers has added another aspect to the investigation into illegal hunting in Namibia’s national parks.


Members of the public who spotted the poachers attempting to recover a broken down vehicle with the help of a second vehicle from the desert in the vicinity of the Kuiseb Canyon informed the Namibian Police about the suspicious activity.


The gang of poachers and the people assisting them to recover the broken down vehicle fled on foot when they spotted the vehicles of the Namibian Police Reservists from Walvis Bay approaching. An official man hunt for the people on foot has since been launched.



Upon closer inspection of the vehicles officers found several butchered springbok carcasses in the back of one of the bakkies. The NDF uniform was found among the personal belongings of the poachers.


Both vehicles with Swakopmund registrations were confiscated along with the wildlife contraband and personal belongings of the poachers.
The vehicles and other property has since been taken to the Walvis Bay Police station where the tracing of the owners has already begun.


The NDF uniform also indicates that members of the security cluster might be involved in the illegal hunting of wildlife in a national park.


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