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Venaani intends to appeal Electoral Court judgement

Venaani intends to appeal Electoral Court judgement

Staff Reporter

THE President of the Popular Democratic Movement said that he will appeal a ruling that was handed down today by three judges, nullifying the swearing in of six members of the party.


Another party member, Charmaine Tjirare challenged Venaani’s list saying that a number of members on it did not resign from their civil service duties as required by the Electoral Commission. A three-panel bench, consisting of Deputy Judge President Hosea Angula, Thomas Masuku and Safimana Ueitele said that the list was unconstitutional, unlawful and as such was declared null and void.


Of the persons whose names rightfully belonged on the list, according to the court is McHenry’s father, Mike Venaani.


President Popular Democratic Movement three judges nullifying swearing
LEGAL BATTLE: PDM President McHenry Venaani. Photo: Contributed


Speaking on this, McHenry said that hen does not want his party to be labelled as one that is run by family ties, nor does he want it to be run by one or two particular ethnic groups, being the Otjiherero and the Coloureds.


McHenry also described the ruling as a ‘political decision’.


“We will appeal this judgment. It does not give credence to the rule of law and it has a number of flaws. This case has consequences. Some of the people on that list themselves opted to not go to parliament. It is not the court’s job to dictate what the party should do. We have not read the full judgement but we have read the order ad we will rightfully engage our lawyers,” Venaani said.


Venaani also took issue with the fact that the applicant in the matter, Tjirare herself had not resigned from her job at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.


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