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Fear of re-infection reigns in isolation

Fear of re-infection reigns in isolation

Marthina Mutanga

ISOLATION facilities in Walvis Bay have started to become crowded as a result of the high number of people testing positive for COVID-19 every day.


Some of the patients shared their experiences while in supervised isolation in the recently completed Kondja Isolation Ward at the Walvis Bay District hospital.


A woman, who have been placed in the facility after testing positive for COVID-19, said they face daily ordeals which ranges from washing dishes in a bathroom sink to having to eat cold food while little or no social distancing happens in the wards.



One patient, Catherine Swartz (not her real name) claimed that she placed there on 20 June and she was swabbed again on 26 June. She said that she is still waiting to receive results of the second test which would hopefully show that she is cured from the virus.


“I almost recovered from the flu symptoms now, however, I am still stuck here and there are new people who have COVID–19 being admitted into the facility. The flu symptoms of those, who are being brought here while we are recovering, are sometimes even worse and we fear getting re-infected,” said the patient.


Swartz further stated that they have to use the bathroom sink located in the bathroom to clean dishes, for food and drinks as well.


“It’s where we get our water to make coffee, if we need warm water. The food is cold although the health regulations say that you should always eat warm food. We were told that there is no cure for COVID-19 and our family members bring us supplements and medication to boost our immune systems,” Swartz complained.


Dr. Eric Dziuban, the Country Director for the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that he is aware of the current rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the Erongo.


“Its best practice to social distance in the isolation centre and not mix COVID-19 positive patients with each other, Dr. Dziubian said.


He however noted that risk of re-infection for COVID-19 patients sharing the same isolation facilities are low.


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