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Earthquake rattles the desert

Earthquake rattles the desert

Staff Reporter

WITH the prediction of Elizabeth Sacharias, a prophet that predicted in 2014 that Namibia will be struck by a massive and destructive earthquake still fresh in their minds, Namibians are always shocked when the earth beneath their feet shakes.


An earthquake had residents of the sparsely populated area to the south of Karibib setting up in their beds on Wednesday night. When the initial quake was followed by an aftershock in the same spot less than three hours later, the words of the Prophet Sacharias seemed to have come true.


Less than two months ago residents of Outjo reacted with fear when a loud sound and shaking ground broke the relative silence of the night.


Officially, the Ministry of Mines and Energy confirmed that an earthquake was recorded approximately 85 kilometres south of Karibib in the early hours of Thursday morning.


The main quake occurred at about 01:46 and had a magnitude of 3, 9 on the Richter scale. An aftershock was recorded less than three hours later at 04:13 at almost the same location.


Gloria Simubali the executive director of the Geological survey at the ministry of mines and energy said in a statement that the event was recorded at 6 seismic stations across Namibia.


The earthquake registered a preliminary local magnitude of 3.9 and was shallow at a depth of less than ten kilometres.


Residents who find themselves in seismically active regions have been warned to stay indoors, not to stand near door frames or find refuge when an earthquake occurs.


“If you are outdoors, find a clear spot well clear of buildings, trees and power lines. Stay and face away from windows and watch for falling objects.” Simubali advised.


During March of 2014 Prophet Sacharia said that Namibia is covered by a cloud of sin and the community is refusing to listen to the instructions of God. She said that it is God’s desire is for the people of Namibia to repent and to come together in prayer to ask for the forgiveness for their sins.


She prophesied that Namibia will suffer a fate worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.


“Fire will erupt from beneath the ground while clouds of smoke will be seen coming from the mountains,” she predicted. She said that the day of the earthquake will scary and dark and that people will be terrified, crying and running about.


Although Prophet Sacharia said that the big earthquake will occur in April of 2014 the prophesy has not yet come to pass.


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