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Taxi fees back to normal

Taxi fees back to normal

Marthina Mutanga

COMMUTERS using public transport will be glad to know that fees for taxis and buses have been reduced to the level that was in place before State of Emergency regulation forced fees up.


The National Chairperson of the Namibian Bus and Taxi Association, Pendapala Nakathingo confirmed that fees for taxis went back to the normal N$12 to avoid further overcharging of costumers since Stage 4 of the State of Emergency came into effect.


He said a campaign has been launched to inform all taxi operators that the fees have been adjusted downward. He said this will be done to avoid commuter being overcharged.


The National Bus and Taxi Association said that the organisation has become aware of a new trend where illegal taxi drivers are still asking the elevated price for their own pockets and that people should take note that transport fees have dropped.


Nakathingo called commuters making use of public transport to show the necessary respect towards taxi drivers in this difficult time. He said some people treat some operators very harshly especially when everyone is going through a difficult time.


“We trust that this move will assist in making the daily lives of everyone a little bit better and more comfortable”, he said.


At the same time as the announcement by the association the Mayor of Windhoek, Fransina Kahungu, commissioned five new taxi stops along Omuvapu Street in the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency.


The inauguration of the new taxi stops means that residents of Kilimanjaro informal settlement will now only pay a one way taxi fare, instead of being double charged like they have been for years.


Mayor Kahungu said during the inauguration that the new taxi stops are part of the broader transport system in Windhoek and a step in the right direction towards allowing freedom of movement and integrating communities.


She announced at the event that the Windhoek Municipal Bus Service has also opened up new routes in areas of the capital to make transport to and from the city centre more affordable for residents in the suburbs.


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