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Foot soldiers defend Nujoma, Shaningwa

Foot soldiers defend Nujoma, Shaningwa

Placido Hilukilwa

A GROUP of ruling party members in the Oshana Region who identify themselves as “Swapo foot soldiers” called an impromptu press conference at Oshakati to express their dismay and to condemn “in the strongest terms” what they labelled as “the disruptive and disrespectful conduct” of parliamentarians.


Speaking on behalf of concerned members of Swapo in the region, activist Sigo Amunyela said that parliamentarians used un-parliamentary and unbecoming language towards other MPs.


Reading a prepared statement, Amunyela said that Swapo party members were disturbed by a “degrading and criminally defamatory” video clip uploaded on social media earlier this week by a certain Aaron Mushimba, aka Nanyemba, referring to Swapo Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa in sexually abusive language.


Mushimba, who identified himself in the video as a youth spokesperson of Dr. Panduleni Itula, made sexually offensive statements which, according to Amunyela, amounted to crimen injuria, gender-based violence and discrimination against women.


  • ruling party members Oshana Region identify Swapo foot soldiers impromptu press conference Oshakati


Amunyela urged police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga to, as a matter of urgency, arrest Mushimba and bring him before the court of law.


“Panduleni Itula must learn to talk to his people,” said another foot soldier Vaino Kamati.


However, that same day Mushimba uploaded an audio clip to social media platforms claiming that the video was doctored. “It is my face that appears in that video, but the voice was superimposed,” he said.


Amunyela said that foot soldiers were particularly disturbed by the “improper and undignified” utterances where Founding President Sam Nujoma was called a “thug and liar”.


Speaking at the same event, Swapo foot soldier and former Oshakati town council CEO Werner Iita castigated those insulting leaders and asked: “Where did they learn it and from whom? What happened to the Commandment that demands respect for elders? What you do today determines your future. How can you become a leader tomorrow if you misbehave today?”


Another foot soldier John Ndume said that the group in the Oshana Region was forced to take action because the elected regional leadership is practically dormant.


“We do no longer want to hear any insults of our leaders,” said Ndume.


Swapo foot soldiers countrywide are organizing a protest march scheduled to take place in Windhoek later this month.


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