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Namibia bids farewell to a hero

Namibia bids farewell to a hero

Staff Reporter

AS mourners gathered in Hero’s Acre at the graveside of the late Martin Lazarus Shipanga, his legacy as a teacher, who through selfless service to generations of Namibians paved the way for the country’s education system, was immortalised.


The late Shipanga who was laid to rest at the Heroes Acre is survived by his wife Madame Eveline Ndapewa Shipanga, his children and grandchildren.


President Hage Geingob while lamenting the loss of the Hero of the Namibian Nation during the funeral service said that the nation is not only coping with a personal sense of loss but in Meester’s family, we sense a deep loss over his passing.


FINAL FAREWELL: Family and friends of the late Meester Martin Shipanga gathered at Hero’s Acre to bid a final farewell to a National Hero. – Footage: Samuel Shinedima.


“Therefore, we are drawn toward them, to express our sympathy, to accompany them on this final and difficult walk, and to continue to comfort them in the days to come.


At this hour of grief, we seek comfort. Comfort for our sense of loss, comfort for our sense of fear, and comfort for our hearts that continue to hurt since we learned of the passing of our Meester. It has been said that “The measure of a life is not in its duration but in its donation,” Geingob said.


He further stated that Meester Martin Lazarus Shipanga’s donation and contribution to life has had an immeasurable and profound effect on the lives of countless Namibians.


“That is why the memory and influence of this great man, a true classic Namibian patriot, will remain with us forever. All the words have been spoken, all the songs have been sung, all that remains is to commit the body of our dear compatriot and master teacher back to the earth and his soul into the hands of our Creator, to complete the final sentence in the final chapter of a peerless and illustrious life.


Our limited understanding of the finiteness of human life leaves us lost, at times such as this. Therefore, we can only turn to the consoling words of scripture, which in Philippians 4:7 reads, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Geingob concluded.


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