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Governor intervenes in Uuvudhiya

Governor intervenes in Uuvudhiya

Maria David

A CONFRONTATION that has been brewing between members of the Uuvudhiya community and their constituency councillor that seems to prefer to serve his constituents from his cuca shop in Oshakati, has come to the boil.


The issue with the absent councillor was driven into the open when the afflicted community wrote a letter to the regional governor claiming that their constituency councillor was “missing in action”.


The community alleged that Amutenya Ndahafa has abandoned his office at Engombe preferring to serve his constituency from his shebeen at Oshakati.


The confrontation was of such serious nature that the Oshana Regional Governor Elia Irimari had to intervene this week.


members Uuvudhiya community constituency councillor
Pictured: Oshana Regional Governor Elia Irimari. Photo: File


The governor was forced to step in and to find an amicable solution after members of the community turned against Ndahafa, whom they accuse of having neglected his duties as an elected representative of the people.
An urgent meeting was held at Engombe on Wednesday. It was attended by Governor Irimari, Regional Council Chairperson Hanu Kapenda, councillor Ndahafa and members of the community.


Speaking on behalf of the concerned community members, Fillip Ashipala said that they needed a clear explanation as to why councillor Ndahafa was allowed to operate from his shebeen in Oshakati, far away from his own Uuvidhiya constituency.


Ndahafa dismissed the allegation saying that he is not operating from a shebeen.


He said that he makes use of office space in his business and office complex in Oshakati which he made available to Government way back in 1990.


Ndahafa was bombarded with a lot of questions but refused to answer most of them saying that those asking such questions “are not part of any leadership structure and did not follow proper procedures”.


He also claimed that the community was instigated by power-hungry elements who want to tarnish his name before the upcoming regional council elections.


Governor Irimari exhorted the community to remain calm because their problem was solvable and will be solved.


After no solution to the community’s grievance was found on the day of the meeting the Governor promised the people of Uuvudhiya that he will get back to them.


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