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Criminals terrorise Kappsfarm community

Criminals terrorise Kappsfarm community

Niël Terblanché

THE arrest of four burglary suspects that broke into a tourist lodge in the mountains to the east of Windhoek during the early hours of Wednesday morning revealed that all of them have been terrorising the community of Kappsfarm for quite some time.


One of the suspects was out on bail after he was arrested recently in connection with an armed robbery at Ondekaremba. Some of the other suspects were arrested at the Kappsfarm permanent police checkpoint during an attempt to flee from police after burglary in December 2018.


According to a member of the Kapsfarm Neighbourhood Watch, Kai Gorn, the four suspects were detained at a roadblock set up temporarily by the Namibian Police at the eastern entrance of Windhoek after they were found with a large amount of food and liquor in their vehicle.



“The officers at the roadblock radioed their colleagues on duty at the permanent checkpoint at Kappsfarm to enquire about the vehicle filled with food and drink only to be informed that a burglary was reported not long before at the Moonraker Lodge,” Gorn said.


The suspects were detained for questioning which revealed that one of them was an armed robbery suspect that was involved in the earlier incident at Ondekaremba. The stolen goods were identified by the rightful owner and the men were all placed under arrest on charges of theft.


In another incident before the weekend three men were taken into custody when police officials patrolling in the area discovered a car hidden behind bushes next to the road near Kappsfarm.


“Upon questioning the driver that fell asleep in the car, the officers discovered that some of his friends went through the smallholdings to steal copper wire from a camp set up by Chinese road contractors,” Gorn said.


In the end the Kappsfarm police with the help of members of the neighbourhood watch managed to arrest two of the suspects that raided the Chinese road camp.


The getaway driver that was caught sleeping in his car was also taken into custody.


All are facing charges of theft.


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