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Residents of Sky location to be relocated

Residents of Sky location to be relocated

Maria David

THE project to relocate residents of the Sky informal settlement in Oshakati the new Onawa residential area is set to continue in the financial year ahead.


Mayor Angelus Iiyambo during the tabling of the town’s 2020/21 financial year budget said that the relocation programme is far from complete.
According to Iiyambo, the Oshakati Town Council managed to relocate more than 350 households to the new Onawa location last year.


“The residents were relocated to Onawa location where they had access to services such as water and electricity,” he said.


Further Iiyambo, stated that Onawa location Extension 1, 3 and 4 have been fully serviced in the current financial year, while Extension 5 and 6 is currently being serviced and will be completed soon.


“The aim for servicing these extensions in Onawa is to embark on the project of relocating people from the Sky location where they are living in a bad environment,” he said.


He indicated that the project of relocation is estimated to commence this year once servicing of the above mentioned extensions is successfully completed during the current financial year.


Council has also allocated 300 erven to the Shack Dwellers Federation for the construction of houses. The federation and its members have already built more than 100 houses in Oshakati.


Iiyambo stated that Council has also embarked on a project with Development Workshop Namibia (DWN) whereby land was made available by Council free of charge. The DWN provided funding for planning, surveying and servicing 122 erven which are aimed at ultra-low income earners.


“These erven were allocated to beneficiaries who work in retail shops such Pick n Pay, Shoprite, KFC, building material shops also taxi drivers amongst others,” said Iiyambo, adding that 78 erven have already been allocated of which 58 beneficiaries have already paid off their plots which was sold at the minimal amount of N$10 000.


Moreover, he pointed out that in March the entire country witnessed the residents of Onawa receiving their Land Hold Titles to their erven, under the Flexible Land Tenure Act.


“Oshakati is the first town in Namibia to implement the Flexible Land Tenure System. This system is a fast and cheap way of acquiring a Land Hold Title which is a documents indicating ownership of land. A privilege that most of our residents do not possess especially those residing in informal settlements,” added Iiyambo.


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