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Relief food stolen at Ohangwena

Relief food stolen at Ohangwena

Maria David

THREE people have been arrested and charged with theft after COVID-19 food relief that was kept at the Helao Nafidi Business Expo Centre in the Ohangwena Region was stolen.


This was confirmed by the Helao Nafidi’s mayor, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, who added that the three arrested include two security guards employed by Shilimela Security and a community member.


According to Nghipangelwa, the Helao Nafidi Business Expo Centre was temporarily converted into a COVID-19 relief food storage facility and that the two security guards were stationed at the centre.


arrested charged theft COVID-19 food relief Helao Nafidi Business Expo Centre Ohangwena
SUPPLY STOLEN: Helao Nafidi’s mayor, Eliaser Nghipangelwa. Photo: Contributed


Although it remains unclear how much of the food relief was stolen, Nghipangelwa said that they have managed to recover most, if not all, of what was stolen.


“I know that the public might feel bad, but we had hope that since the food was under the protection of security guards, that it was being kept safe,” he said.


Nghipangelwa added that upon questioning, the suspects shifted the blame and said that it was in fact officials from the town council who had reportedly been stealing food.


The mayor, however, stated that all the food taken by the officials can be accounted for as they had to distribute the food to the beneficiaries that it was intended for.


“If they (officials) went to take the food late at night or with their personal vehicles than that is another story,” he said.


Nghipangelwa urged the public to remain calm as the matter is being dealt with. He also requested the public to come forth with any information that might lead to more arrests.


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