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Teacher in court for hate speech

Teacher in court for hate speech

Staff Reporter

THE noose is tightening around people who make themselves guilty of making careless utterances on social media that incite hate and violence between various ethnic groupings of the Namibian Nation.


In the latest case, a teacher from the Schmelenville Combined School, L Kampale, from Bethanie was paced in custody hours after he threatened and insulted the Nama people with extreme violence.


In an earlier incident about two weeks ago, Corien Steenkamp, a teacher from Walvis Bay was summarily fired from her position at the Hillside Christian Academy in Walvis Bay after she made racist remarks in a rant on social media. She later admitted that she was under the influence of strong prescription drugs and alcohol when she ventured onto social media to air her views.


social media hate violence
JOVIAL MOOD: The teacher from Bethanie who will make his first appearance in the Bethanie Magistrate’s Court on charges of Racial discrimination and assault by threat. Photo: Contributed


Days later a woman from Karibib, Sonja Isaaks, was exposed for her racist stance in life when she crudely insulted the Namibian President while also inciting violence. In her apology on social media a day or two after ranting carelessly on social media, she also blamed prescription drugs and alcohol abuse for her behaviour.


Both Isaaks and Steenkamp are currently under investigation and will most probably face charges for contravening Namibia’s racial discrimination laws.


The Kwangali Community Court set a stern example for abusers of social media that are under the impression that freedom of speech and the perception that they enjoy some form of anonymity when it convicted Paulus Simuka Kafu on charges of bearing false witness and Crimen Injuria. The political activist was ordered to pay a fine of N$12 000 or six head of cattle.


A few days after the political activist was convicted and sentenced, George van Straten, an unemployed musician from Windhoek was compelled to pay a fine of N$2 000 after inciting unnecessary fear and panic by posting fake news on a social media platform.


Under the regulations of the State of Emergency, it is illegal to spread any misleading or false information about the Covid-19 pandemic. After admitting to being the source of fake news Van Straten issued a public apology in which he stated that he is sorry for undue distress he caused.


The /Karas Regional Police Commander, Commissioner David Indono confirmed that the teacher for Bethanie was apprehended for contravening the racial discrimination laws of Namibia and on a charge of assault by threat.


The accused person is set to make his first appearance on these charges in the Bethanie Magistrate’s Court later today.


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