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City centre shooter to undergo mental observation

City centre shooter to undergo mental observation

Eba Kandovazu

A THIRTY day psychiatric evaluation will determine whether or not the man accused of killing his boss last year before proceeding to shoot another colleague, is mentally incapacitated.


Simataa Simasiku, 33, is accused of going through security of the city centre located Global Fund and fatally shooting its Director, 51-year-old Sarah Mwilima.


It is accused of shooting and seriously injuring another colleague, Ester Nepolo.


His lawyer, Vernon Lutibezi, has since brought an application in the Windhoek high court requesting for an order to have his client mentally observed to determine whether or not he is able to understand the trial proceedings and the charges he is facing.


psychiatric evaluation man accused killing boss last year shoot Simataa Simasiku
PENDING ASSESSMENT: Simataa Simasiku. Photo: Eba Kandovazu


A determination will also be made by the psychiatrist whether or not Simasiku was mentally incapacitated at the time of the commission of the said charges of murder and attempted murder.


Judge Christie Liebenberg has since directed that the report on Simasiku’s mental observation be given on 16 July when he makes another court appearance.


On the day in question, it is alleged Simasiku fled the scene and later handed himself over to the police at the Wanaheda police station in Katutura.


Last year when he formally applied for bail, an online petition with 2,991 signatures opposed the granting of bail.


“People are only afraid of me because they do not know my story. The stories they heard about me are biased and I believe that if people heard my story, the numbers on that petition would not be the same,” Simataa said in court at the time.


His wife, who was also called to testify at the time, said Simasiku had confessed to her that he killed his boss and that he would hand himself over to the police.


Simasiku testified that his issues with management started in 2017 when he was deployed to the Global Fund from the health ministry division he worked for in Gobabis.


According to him, he was placed with the Global Fund with no job description and at times felt useless as he had no specific duties, even with his economics degree.


“The whole year I kept going to management and I even sought legal help from a company and the Office of the Ombudsman. I did not feel secure because my job was not a formal job. I was not sure how long I was going stay there,” Simataa tried to justify himself.


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