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Locust swarms invade Otjozondjupa region

Locust swarms invade Otjozondjupa region

Eba Kandovazu

GIANT swarms of red locusts are currently invading the Otjozondjupa region giving rise to fears that crops and grazing that only recently grew back after years of drought are in danger of being destroyed.


The migrating swarms of locusts that darkened the sky at certain farms in the vicinity of Mururani Gate and Grootfontein are believed to have flown from neighbouring countries, Percy Misika, the Executive Director in the Ministry of forestry said this afternoon. Misika, said the locusts were first detected in the farming area on Tuesday.


LOCUST OUTBREAK: Giant clouds of locusts blackened the sky in the Otjozondjupa region. Video: Contributed


“Although the summer cropping season has come to an end, the pest poses a serious threat to winter crops such as wheat and barley as well as livestock grazing areas. The ministry is deploying a team of Plant Health and Extension officials to assess the situation and start spraying in the affected areas with pesticide. We will continue assessing the situation to advance the required interventions in order to curb the further spread of the locusts,” Misika said.


Misika added that in February this year, the red locusts were also observed in Zambezi region and spraying teams were deployed to minimize damages to crops and grazing areas.


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