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Elderly couple attacked on farm near Otjiwarongo

Elderly couple attacked on farm near Otjiwarongo

Staff Reporter

AN elderly couple was over the weekend attacked by five robbers on their farm Aberfelde, about 30km outside Otjiwarongo on the Kalkfeld road.
The incident happened on Saturday, 13 June, at around 19:20.


The couple was tied up and had to wait for 12 hours in the cold before workers found them the following morning and alarmed neighbours.


Thinus Pretorius, from the Joint Crime Prevention Forum (JCPF), said that the Otjiwarongo Neighbourhood Watch and Police reacted immediately and went to the scene.


elderly couple weekend attacked five robbers farm Aberfelde 30km Otjiwarongo Kalkfeld road
CRIME: Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed


Besides trauma and exposure, the couple was not hurt during the attack.
The couple was taken to the local hospital by ambulance for observation and both are reportedly in a stable condition.


During the robbery, a large amount of money, mobile phones, personal items and weapons, were stolen.


Pretorius added that hunting rifles and personal items were found about 3km from the farmstead in the field next to the main road as the robbers fled with a hand weapon, phones and the cash.


He added that the CCTV camera network, which is installed in Otjiwarongo, is valuable in this investigation and the Police his hopeful that the thieves will be arrested soon.


Pretorius advised farmers to see to it that someone is always aware of their movements and sign up to crime prevention organisations.


“Protect your property with what you can afford. Burglar proof and a dog to alarm you should be compulsory. See to it that you can communicate if it is necessary. Elderly people must accept that they are soft targets,” Pretorius advised.


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