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NamPol officer offers a helping hand

NamPol officer offers a helping hand

Maria David

POLICE officers are trained to be polite to members of the public and uncompromising in their duty of maintaining law and order, but they too are humans with empathy.


Some officers take the law into their own hands and make headlines for the wrong reasons. Such officers were recently forcefully reprimanded by the Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga.


However, there are those officers whose good deeds mostly go unreported.


officers trained members public duty law order
HUMANITY IN ACTION: A police officer carrying a sick person to. Photo: Contributed


For example, an unidentified police officer was pictured carrying an elderly woman into the Mangetti Dune health centre.


In the absence of a cot and with no one else to assist the infirm elderly woman, the officer volunteered to carry her into the health facility.
This happened in March this year and the picture was uploaded on social media but did not attract much attention.


Contacted for comment, General Ndeitunga praised the deed saying that, even though he did not see the picture himself, assisting members of the public in whichever way is part of the police officers’ job.


“That is a police officer with a big heart and who loves his job. What he did is noteworthy and should be emulated by others,” he said.


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