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East wind battering the coast

East wind battering the coast

Niël Terblanché

STRONG berg winds battered towns on the central coast since early in the morning on Saturday bringing with it large clouds of dust and sand.


The east wind caused temperatures to rise slightly at the coast but the cold air flowing down the escarpment did not really warm up enough to cause extreme heat normally associated with strong winds blowing from the direction of the Namib Desert.


Motorists travelling between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay were greeted once again by small sand dunes at the palm tree avenue at the entrance of the harbour town.


SANDY OBSTACLES: Motorists encountered small sand dunes at the entrance of Walvis Bay as east wind conditions blew sand and dust in large volumes towards the Atlantic Ocean. – Footage: Contributed


This while people living in the interior of Namibia, had to brave a third night of freezing temperatures. The lowest of which, was measured at Herboth’s Blick to the east of Windhoek. One resident reported a minimum temperature of -10 degrees Celsius.


Residents of towns in the south also reported freezing weather where ice that formed on the surface of birdbaths and water troughs had to be broken to allow animals access to water.


The cold weather over a large part of Namibia also went along with strong winds.

He Namibia Meteorological Service predicted very cold to cold weather conditions in the south, central and eastern regions that will be accompanied by frost in the morning.


According to the weather forecaster, the cold will start making way for warmer sunny and mild to warm conditions later in the day. The fresh windy conditions are set to continue.


The forecast for the coast is sunny and mild to warm conditions that will become hotter over the northern parts as the east wind will continue to throw sand and dust at residents along the shore.


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