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Elephants damage water meters

Elephants damage water meters

Maria David

A TOTAL of 14 elephants that were spotted in the area of Omuntele Constituency in the Oshikoto Region has damaged several community water metres and killed a donkey.


Speaking to Informanté on Tuesday, Omuntele Constituency Councillor Sacky Nangula confirmed that the elephants were driven back to the Etosha National Park by ministry of environment officials on Sunday.


“The elephants caused no damages to crops, but they damaged several community water meters and killed a donkey in the constituency,” Nangula noted.


Nangula cautioned members of his community to refrain from gathering around the elephant if they returned. He exhorted the people to work hand in hand with the authorities to ensure safety for all.


elephants Omuntele Constituency Oshikoto Region damaged community water metres
SAFE RETURN: Ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda – Photo: File


However, Ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda, said that the elephants were not problematic and they have caused no damage to crop fields in the area.


“The elephants have been roaming in and around the constituency looking for their migratory route,” Muyunda added.


Muyunda indicated that the elephants became aggressive only in the process of being driven back to the park and one of them killed a donkey.


He appealed to members of the public to refrain from moving close to elephants or other wild animals to take selfie pictures.


He said that this is what happened on Sunday when the elephants came near Omuntele on Sunday. Muyunda said doing so people risk their own deaths.


Muyunda pointed out that the elephants are most likely to be residents of several different areas in northern Namibia between which they migrate from Etosha on an annual basis.


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