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Alcohol blamed for crashes

Alcohol blamed for crashes

Nathaniel Heita

EXCESSIVE drinking is the most likely cause of at least two serious motor vehicle accidents that occurred in the North on Tuesday.


The sale of liquor resumed at midday on Tuesday under Stage 3 of the State of Emergency and the first crash occurred less than three hours after people were again allowed to buy liquor.


At least one person was critically injured while two other occupants sustained less serious injuries when the Nissan bakkie they were travelling in overturned on the road between Oshakati and Endola.



Several empty beer crates and broken beer bottles were found strewn over the scene of the accident.


The injured persons were transported to hospital for emergency medical care.


A second accident attributed to excessive drinking occurred at around midnight on Tuesday evening near the Okapan Service Station in Ondangwa.


A young man who was travelling alone in his car sustained serious injuries when his car overturned. It was reported by witnesses that the car was travelling at a very high speed when the crash occurred.


The injured driver was also transported to hospital for emergency medical care.


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