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Kafu to appear before the Traditional Court

Kafu to appear before the Traditional Court

Placido Hilukilwa

MODERN communication technology will clash with hundreds of years of traditional practice when controversial Paulus Kalembera Simuku Kafu will be tried before the Kwangali Traditional Court at Kahenge for abusing social media platforms.


The year 2020 was from the very beginning characterized by dramatic events, including a lockdown due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The very unusual event will take place at Kahenge near the town of Nkurenkuru in the Kavango West Region on Tuesday where Swapo Party activist Kafu is expected to appear before the Community Court of the Kwangali Traditional Authority to face charges of “bearing false witness” based on utterances he allegedly made on social media.


It is the first time in Namibia’s history that a person is appearing before a community court to answer for utterances made using modern communication technology.


Traditional Court communication technology clash traditional practice controversial Paulus Kalembera Simuku Kafu


Kafu is accused of having made false statements about a certain Kupembona Augustus linyando, who is said to be an official of the youth ministry.


Speaking in an interview with Informanté Kafu said that he will definitely be in the community court tomorrow.


He denies wrongdoing, claiming that he is the victim, not the perpetrator.
He talked about “some comrades” who are allegedly afraid of his entrepreneurship skills and his growing influence within the Swapo Party.


“I am going where they cannot go, meeting people they cannot meet. They are simply jealous of me and I will prove that in court,” he said, adding that the utterances he made on social media were made against the backdrop of him being “swindled”.


“I came up with an idea of a development project. It was approved and then implemented but I was excluded from the project,” said Kafu who is notoriously foul-mouthed on social media.


Last month, Oshana Regional governor Elia Irimari had to sponsor an urgent reconciliation meeting at Oshakati between Kafu and another Swapo Party activist Sigo Amunyela. The two antagonists reluctantly agreed to bury the hatchet.


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