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“COVID-19 is our common enemy” – Governor Irimari

“COVID-19 is our common enemy” – Governor Irimari

Placido Hilukilwa

OSHANA regional governor Elia Irimari has this week urged feuding Swapo Party activists to stop quarrelling among themselves and rather concentrate on fighting the common enemy currently facing Namibia and the world at large: the novel coronavirus.


During an interview with Informanté on Thursday morning, Irimari gave more details about a meeting that took place at Oshakati Wednesday morning to reconcile Swapo activists Sigo Amunyela and Paulus Kalembera Simuku “Cafu”.


The meeting was facilitated and chaired by Irimari, but did not take place at the Governor’s office as reported earlier. It took place at a guest house where Cafu was accommodated.


Irimari said that Cafu visited his office on Tuesday and he received him as he would receive anyone else.


governor Elia Irimari Swapo Party activists stop quarrelling
Pictured: Oshana regional governor, Elia Irimari. Photo: Contributed


Irimari further noted that it was the first time he met Cafu, but heard about him before and knew that he is a Swapo Party activist. He was also aware of the antagonism between Cafu and Amunyela, who is likewise a ruling party activist.


Cafe is notoriously foul-mouthed on social media and claims to possess some kind of supernatural powers.


Irimari said that during his encounter with Cafu on Tuesday he used the opportunity to advise Cafu to tone down his language on social media and proposed a reconciliation meeting between the two Swapo activists.


He contacted Amunyela and a reconciliation meeting was agreed upon.


Meanwhile, Irimari provided Cafu with accommodation in a guest house to await Wednesday’s meeting.


“I only expected Cafu and Amunyela, but Amunyela turned up accompanied by his family and some others,” said Irimari, adding that the feuding between the two was unnecessary because both are Swapo Party activists who were supposed to concentrate their attentions on the common enemy who is the novel coronavirus.


Speaking to Informanté after the meeting, both Amunyela and Cafu said that they have reconciled and their feuding is now something of the past.


Amunyela said he accepted Cafu’s apology.


Cafu said “we made peace” and explained that the feuding started when Amunyela telephoned him, recorded the conversation and then leaked the audio on social media.


He denied reports that he is a sympathiser of the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement.


“I am 100% Swapo,” he said, adding that his perceived links to AR spring from his good relationship with AR people such as the Ongwediva-based Pau Pau, who is his cousin.


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