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Nailenge sentenced to 35 years behind bars

Nailenge sentenced to 35 years behind bars

Maria David

HIGH Court Judge Marlene Tommasi has sentenced Ananias Ekongo Nailenge to 35 years imprisonment for stabbing and beheading his girlfriend in 2014 at his flat in Oshakati.


The 30-year-old Nailenge was found guilty of brutally murdering his girlfriend Mirjam Tuyakula Nandjato on 4 February 2014.


Nandjato’s beheaded body was found at Nailenge’s flat in Oshakati West with a stab wound to her abdomen.


Judge Tommasi found Nailenge guilty on the charge of murder read with the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act.


A remorseless Nailenge while testifying in mitigation of his sentence on Monday boldly told the court that he was not going to challenge the court decision on his conviction, but claimed that he still feels that he was innocent.


JUSTICE IS SERVED: The 30-year-old Ananias Ekongo Nailenge will spend the next 35 years in prison after he was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend six years ago. Photo: File


“I understand how they feel, the pain they are going through and I will always put them in my prayers,” Nailenge said with regards to his murdered girlfriend’s family.


In asking for the aggravation of the sentence, State advocate Jatiel Mudamburi told the court that for as long as the convicted person does not admit to killing Nandjato, he does not feel the pain of the family and should thus be regarded as a permanent danger to society.


“If it was possible I would have locked him up and then would have thrown away the key in the Atlantic Ocean because he showed no remorse for his act,” said Mudamburi.


According to Mudamburi, the brutality with which the offence was committed is quite aggravating. As such the State asked the court for a sentence of 37 years imprisonment.


Two relatives of the murdered woman, Ileni and Hileni Nandjato, testified in court that the deceased person was the sole breadwinner of her family and no amount of punishment or sentencing can ever bring her back.


Legal aid lawyer Petrus Grusshaber, who represented Nailenge told members of the media shortly after court proceedings that the convicted person was very lucky for only getting a 35 year prison term.


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