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AR activist face the music

AR activist face the music

Maria David

HUMAN rights activist, Phil ya Nangoloh has registered a case of assault against Oshakati Affirmative Repositioning representative Pau Pau Kathanga with the Namibian Police.


Kathanga also face charges of defamation of character and assault by threatening after Walvis Bay Mayor Immanuel Wilfried also laid chargers.


Ya Nangoloh confirmed having laid such criminal charges against Pau Pau Kathanga and another.


“I laid those charges in the public interest and as is required of me in terms of Article 5 of Namibian Constitution,” he said.


Human rights Phil ya Nangoloh assault Oshakati Affirmative Repositioning representative Pau Pau Kathanga
JUSTICE SOUGHT: AR activist Pau Pau Kathanga (sitting in in the middle) to face the law. – Photo: File


Ya Nangoloh explained that as a human rights practitioner, his duty is to act, not only when human rights are threatened by governmental entities, but also when non-governmental or non-state actors are involved and these include private individuals as well.


Approached for comment, Kathanga laughed and said he does fear shadows.


“How do you fight a corpse? The state will charge me of “violation of corpse” which I think is a more serious case,” he said.


According to him, Phil ya Nangoloh and Wilfred Immanuel are lost sheep.


“For now we can wait for the Prosecutor General decision then we pick it up from there,” concluded Kathanga.


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