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Churches want doors open

Churches want doors open

Marthina Mutanga

THE Pentecostal Churches in Namibia have appealed to government to allow churches in the country to open their doors twice a week to their congregations during the State of Emergency that has strict rules on large gatherings.


Pastor Dolly Nengushe, who today formed part of a panel discussion at the COVID-19 information center to address how the global pandemic has affected churches, noted that it is their wish that churches be allowed to have worship and service with no more than 50 people every Wednesday and Sunday provided a church has enough space to practice social distancing, as well as good ventilation.


The pastor, however, stated that churches are cognisant that the relaxation of measures will requires strict regulations and thus, the church has put in place guidelines in the context of the World Health Organisation (WHO) that will help govern churches operating during Stage 2 of the State of Emergency.


Churches want doors open Namibia government country appealed
HOUSE OF GOD: Christian churches in Namibia want to be allowed to have services. Photo illustrative purpose only


Nengushe, who also forms part the National Church Task Force on COVID-19, further stated that they also want government to relax measures that state that funerals cannot have crowds exceeding 10 people and to increase this number to 100 people.


“We hereby proposed subsidy assistance to be facilitated for the churches that are legally registered in Namibia to receive financial assistance rebate from the City of Windhoek on the utility bills during the lockdown,” Nengushe said.


Regarding the rental payment of church buildings, Nengushe appealed to landlords to show leniency to churches during this difficult time.


Nengushe concluded that while the global community contends with the pandemic, the Christian community in Namibia has been left behind.


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