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Dead elephant benefits community

Dead elephant benefits community

Niël Terblanché

THE discovery of a dead elephant bull with a bullet wound to its head in a mahangu field on a farm to the south east of Rundu is currently the subject of an investigation.


According to the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda, information was received from villagers in the Ndonga Linea constituency that the dead animal with tusks intact was discovered on Farm Nanava over the weekend.


“A follow up was done on Saturday by officials from MEFT, officers from the Namibian Police’s Precious Resources Sub Division and members of the Nabian Defence Force’s Special Forces. It was established that the elephant had a bullet hole above the right eye,” Muyunda said.


He speculated that the elephant might have been shot somewhere else and that it fell down and died in the crop field that was already harvested on the farm about 90 kilometres away from Rundu in the Kavango East Region.


  • Dead elephant discovery bullet wound head mahangu field farm south east Rundu


“The scene was trampled by grazing livestock, which made it difficult for officials to determine where the elephant came from. Villagers could also not be held accountable as they were hesitant to share information,” he said.


According Muyunda, the tusks were removed from the dead elephant and booked in for safe keeping at the Rundu Police Station.


He said the bullet was removed from the elephant’s skull and will be subjected to forensic analysis to identify the rifle from which it was shot.


Muyunda added that no criminal case was registered and that no suspects have been arrested yet.


He pointed out that the community was allowed to take the carcass of the elephant for meat due to the freshness of it.


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