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Mourners at councillor’s funeral break lockdown rules

Mourners at councillor’s funeral break lockdown rules

Staff Reporter

AN official of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) and self proclaimed political czar, Ivan Skrywer, who helped to spearhead charges against senior members of the ruling party for attending the 60th year of Swapo’s existence, was amongst a large crowd of mourners who wilfully contravened lockdown regulations during a funeral over the weekend.


The wake and funeral of the Henties Bay town councillor Renier Gomachab, over the past weekend saw large group of mourners breaking the stringent regulations pertaining to the gathering of large crowds at funerals as set down in the State of Emergency.


The LPM along with the People Democratic Movement (PDM) laid charges against senior members of the Swapo Party who attended a ceremony at the Parliament building commemorating the 60th year of the ruling party’s existence.


The late Gomachab represented the Swapo Party on the Henties Bay Town Council.



In the week leading up to the funeral on Sunday people arrived in droves from all over Namibia and on Saturday a large crowd formed at the house where a wake was held for the late councillor. At one stage during Saturday at least 50 vehicles that were parked in an open area near the house and about 140 people was seen in and around the house where the wake took place.


Several Namibian Police vehicles were observed frequenting the house during the week leading up to the funeral and on Sunday when the late councillor was laid to rest.


On Sunday morning municipal traffic officials of Henties Bay led a long funeral procession through the streets of the small coastal town where the mourners exceeded the maximum of ten people as prescribed by the State of Emergency regulations.


Despite the blatant disregard for lockdown regulations senior officers of both the Namibian Police and the Namibian Defence Force stated that no complaints about the funeral were registered with the joint law enforcement command structure.


The joint law enforcement command at the coast came under sharp criticism after several incidents of unnecessary violent behaviour towards residents that did not comply fully with the lockdown rules, were reported in Henties Bay.


The Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, said that he also did not receive any report about the wilful contravention of State of Emergency regulations in Henties Bay about the councillor’s funeral.


The General did however indicate that he will launch an urgent inquiry with the joint law enforcement command in the Erongo Region about the incident.


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