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COVID-19 checkpoints not media friendly

COVID-19 checkpoints not media friendly

Staff Reporter

CHECKPOINTS dividing zones particularly in the northern regions of the country refuse to accept work permits or media cards from journalists despite being listed as an essential service during lockdown.


The way northern regions are zoned has made it difficult for media practitioners to operate and carry out their duties during the State of Emergency.


Security and health providers at some checkpoints are often seen mocking reporters they do not believe are worthy to be considered essential service providers.


At other checkpoints, reporters are told to pull off the road because their media cards or work permits are “unacceptable”.


checkpoints media dividing zones northern regions refuse accept work permits cards journalists
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“I have even sent back some of the Generals of the Namibian Defence Force. Who do you think you are?” said an unidentified police officer at the Omafo-Okalongo roadblock.


Executive Director for Ministry of Information Communication and Technology, Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana, however, reminded those at security checkpoints that media has been declared an essential service.


“Media is part of essential service providers and therefore, with official letters issued to them, law enforcement should not hinder the media from performing their job,” said Ua-Ndjarakana.


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