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Councillors divided on Kanime reappointment

Councillors divided on Kanime reappointment

Eba Kandovazu

CHARGES of contravening lockdown regulations and violating the lockdown rules were opened at the Windhoek police station against Windhoek Mayor Fransina Kahungu and a senior superintendent following a reported illegal meeting at the City of Windhoek.

A case with the registration number CR 332/04/2020 was opened against Kahungu and Senior Superintendent of the City Police, Pahukeni Titus.

Chaos erupted yesterday at the City of Windhoek Council chambers when council members convened a meeting to further discuss the reappointment of City Police Chief Abraham Kanime, whose last day of work is today after he tendered in his resignation.

Kanime was nominated to serve the City Police for another three years, but that suggestion did not sit well with PDM Councillor Ignatius Semba, who recently unsuccessfully challenged the appointment in the high Court.

The high Court found that his application was not an urgent matter.


lockdown regulations violating lockdown rules Windhoek police station Windhoek Mayor Fransina
COUNCIL SQUARE OFF: Windhoek Mayor Fransina Kahungu and PDM’s Ignatius Semba exchanging words.


Yesterday, the councillors were due to discuss the issue surrounding the appointment but the meeting’s agenda was met with questions from Semba and another Councillor from the Rally of Democracy and Progress (RDP), Brunhilde Cornelius, who questioned the authenticity of the meeting and whether or not it was in violation of the lockdown regulations.

The meeting, according to Windhoek Mayor Kahungu, only ended at 22h00.

Semba and Cornelius before the meeting registered a criminal case with NamPol, with the case number CR 322/04/2020.

Semba told Informanté that the case was registered against the Mayor and Titus, who was acting as CEO.

“We opened a case against them because they called for an illegal meeting to discuss an issue that is not essential or urgent. The number of people in the meeting is already against the rules we also wanted to know where the CEO Robert Kahimise was and why he wasn’t present at the meeting as substantive CEO. The meeting itself was chaotic and unprepared because no minutes were taken, our legal advisors and corporate advisors were not there, as well as the media,” Semba said.

Kahungu on her part pleaded ignorance.

“It was confirmed to me yesterday that the two councillors laid criminal charges but they didn’t reveal who the case was against. As it is currently, I cannot say the case is against me because I don’t know and there was no notification from the police, ” Kahungu said.

According to her, the two councillors did not want to proceed with the meeting until it was clear the meeting was lawful.

They wanted to know where CEO Kahimise was, how the Acting CEO Titus was appointed, who appointed him and whether or not the meeting that led to his appointment was lawful.

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