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Illegal aliens deported

Illegal aliens deported

Maria David

FIFTEEN Angolan nationals who crossed into Namibia illegally were deported back to their country immediately while a 16th person was incarcerated to face criminal charges after he was found in possession of contraband.


In an Interview with Informanté, Omusati Regional Police Commander Commissioner Titus Shikongo said that 15 Angolans were handed to the Namibian immigration officials who in turn handed them to Angolan immigration authorities for processing and repatriation.


He indicated that sixteen illegal immigrants were caught since the 28th of March of which 15 were deported immediately. The 16th person is a suspect in a criminal case and will have to stand trial in Namibia before he will be able to return home.


Namibia illegally deported Angolan nationals
COMBATING ILLEGAL ALIENS: Commissioner Titus Shikongo, Omusati Regional Police Commander. – Photo: Maria David


“As a result of charging 15 illegal immigrants we were supposed to put them in custody, but our holding cells are already overcrowded and incarcerating the untested foreign nationals would have only increased the possibility coronavirus transmission. In this case none of them were locked away in holding cells because we sent them back immediately,” Shikongo said.


Shikongo indicated that a Namibian Police Officer was arrested at the Okasamane border post in the same period for contravening the Immigration Control Act.


“The officer crossed illegally into Angola during the lock down,” said Shikongo, adding that the officer was arrested on Friday after he left the country on the 21st and returned on the 23rd of April.


Shikongo said that the suspect has been arrested, charged and docket sent to Prosecutor General for a decision on possible prosecution.


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