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Namandje claims Aljazeera wanted to trap Geingob

Namandje claims Aljazeera wanted to trap Geingob

Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob’s personal lawyer, Sisa Namandje, is accusing international journalists working for media network, Al Jazeera, of trying to implicate the President in the Fishrot scandal by going through him.


In a strongly worded affidavit, Namandje alleges that the journalists were working with locals in an attempt to get evidence to disadvantage the head of state ahead of the Presidential and National Assembly elections.


The undercover journalists, he says, approached him six times but did not manage to get anything on President Geingob.


“They even showed me pictures with the Presidents of Rwanda and Uganda in an attempt to convince me to take them to our president’s private residence. I at all times rejected such proposals and advances. In so far as it may be necessary and in the event that the strike out application does not succeed, I deny in the strongest terms that I participated in any plot to facilitate a bribe,” Namandje said.


He further said that he reported the journalists to the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, because they “appeared to be acting very suspiciously.”


Sisa Namandje Al Jazeera Hage Geingob lawyer international journalists
LEGAL SQUABBLES: Sisa Namandje. Photo: Contributed


It is further Namandje’s argument that he demanded the original, unaltered and unedited video and recordings of all the discussions he had with the Al Jazeera journalists while they were pretending to be potential investors.

“This is because I have realised that they have altered my discussion with them, quoted things out of context and manipulated how the discussion between us is portrayed in the documentary,” Namandje said.


Namandje, who is currently under scrutiny by the Law Society of Namibia, argues that the search warrant is unlawful and vague in that it doesn’t clearly state which client is being investigated therefore all his clients are at risk of exposure and intrusion and that it goes against the principle of Attorney-client privilege.


He further denies any money laundering activity through his law firm’s Trust account.


Instead, all the money paid through the trust account is legal fees, he said.


Available bank records show that the state-owned National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) made two payments amounting to N$17,5 million into Sisa Namandje & Co’s trust account.


The first payment, in the amount of N$7 million, went to businessman Vaino Nghipondoka while N$6 million was paid to Swapo’s Oshikoto regional coordinator, Armas Amukwiyu.


All the parties involved have denied any wrongdoing.


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