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Goat herder finds mutilated human remains

Goat herder finds mutilated human remains

Niël Terblanché

THE mutilated remains of a man that is suspected to have gone missing in the area of the Brandberg about a month ago was discovered on Farm De Rust by a goat herder.


Three men of San decent, the 46-year-old Uniseb David, also known as, Ou Nanab, the 35-year-old Kheinamseb Abraham, Ou Nanab’s brother and the 26-year-old Sean Sarel Gomiseb the son of Ou Nanab, who travelled from Gobabis to the Brandberg was last seen alive on the 22nd of March while walking in the direction of Uis.


According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police the remains, which is yet to be identified, was found on the farm next to the Ugab River about 65 kilometres from Uis on Thursday afternoon.


“Members of the Namibian Police went out to the scene where the deceased person was found and while investigating the scene discovered pieces of a human skeleton which included the lower jaw bone, a collection of other bones and some dried up intestines, a blanket, boots, socks, dark blue cap, red overall and a bag.”


According to the incident report the description of the clothing matched the description of what one of the three men were wearing on the day of their disappearance of the three men from Gobabis.


“It is suspected that the victim was attacked and killed by wild animals. The two other men are still missing and a search team was sent out to the area to conduct further searches.”


Brandberg discovered Farm De Rust missing man
Picture of the Brandberg for illustrative purposes only


The initial missing person report stated that Ou Nanab and his two family members paid another resident of Gobabis to drive them to the Brandberg on Friday 20 March 2020. They told the driver that they wanted to go to the mountain in the middles of the Namib Desert to dig for precious stones.


“Upon their arrival in Uis, the driver who was accompanied by his uncle on the trip took the men to Farm /Aruxa-Ams, where they slept over. The next afternoon at about 17:00 they left the farm and drove in the direction of the Brandberg.”


The driver told investigators afterwards that they got lost and while searching for a road, they came to a place where the encountered lions and elephants. The group then decided to turn back on their tracks and the vehicle ran out of fuel after it was already dark. The men then waited for the sun to rise on Sunday 22 March and slept next to the vehicle.


Ou Nanab and his men decided walk in the direction of Uis to go find help but they never reached the town or the Farm /Aruxa-Ams.


The driver and his uncle who stayed behind with the vehicle were picked up by another vehicle sometime during Monday. Upon their arrival in Uis the driver and his uncle reported that the three men on foot were left behind in the desert and a search was launched.


During the search for the missing men trackers found their footprints following the road for some distance. Their tracks left the road and went in the northerly direction behind Brandberg instead of going in an easterly direction towards Uis.


The remains of the deceased person will be subjected to forensic testing to determine which one of the three missing men was killed and eaten by wild animals. While the search for the other two continues.


The Police requested the public to assist them in tracing the two men still missing. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Ou Nanab and his surviving family member should contact Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu at 081 246 4757, Detective Sergeant Muduva at 081 213 7799 or the nearest Police Station.


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