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Charge of assault registered against lockdown patrol

Charge of assault registered against lockdown patrol

Zorena Jantze

A 26-year-old man from Henties Bay has opened a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm against members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) after he was attacked members of a lockdown patrol.


The complainant, Ashley Friedburgh who recounted the incident during an interview with Informanté stated that he was at home playing a board game with loud music when a total of 15 soldiers and one police officer entered his home.


He said that it was about 23:00 on Tuesday evening when the soldiers suddenly entered his house. He added that members of the patrol did not state the reason for them entering his property.


“If it was about the loud music, only one of the officers should have entered my house to instruct me to switch off my music. I told them that they are on private property, that they are violating my human rights and that they are too close to me which is not on par with the rules of social distancing”


Henties Bay assault bodily harm members Namibian Defence Force
BATTERED: Welts on the body of Ashley Friedburgh after he was assaulted by members of a law enforcement patrol in Henties Bay. Photo: Contributed


Friedburgh said that the soldiers acted on his remarks and disconnected his DVD player and instructed him to go to the police station along with his cousin.


“When we got to the station, my cousin went inside whilst I remained outside with the soldiers. They told me to do 70 push ups, however I could not complete the push ups and that is when they started whipping me and kicking me” Friedburgh said


He added that he was also issued with a fine of N$2 000 for obstructing officers of the law from completing their duties.


Friedburgh stated that he was turned away by members of the Namibian Police when he first attempted to lay a charge the day after the incident. He however persisted and registered the charge on Thursday after his uncle intervened and spoke to the Henties Bay Station Commander.


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