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Transport industry struggling

Transport industry struggling

Marthina Mutanga

COMMERCIAL transportation and trade activity in the country is struggling to stay afloat as borders on all sides are for the most part closed to traffic.


Jonas Sheelongo, deputy executive director of the Ministry of Works and Transport said government is trying by all means to facilitate movement of goods and services during the state of emergency.


Sheelongo, however, explained that there are numerous challenges that they are facing at the borders, such as movement of inflow traffic.


Some companies have reportedly limited their truck drivers during these times, while others had to force their drivers into self quarantine after they returned from high risk zones.


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Hippy Tjivikua from the Walvis Bay Corridor Group explained that they moved fast to ensure there were no infections at the port by screening and testing suspected cases.


Trans Kalahari Corridor Executive Director, Leslie Mpofu, said the truck drivers that are entering the country are only transporting essential goods as traders have been ordered to only order what is needed as many factories are currently closed.


The number of trucks allowed on the Trans Kalahari highway have also been reduced.


According to Mpofu, the high demand for supplies during this time however means that many shop shelves are currently empty.


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