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Kunene secures five water tanks

Kunene secures five water tanks

Staff Reporter

THE Nexus Group has donated five water tanks to the Kunene Region to assist government efforts to make water available to all Namibians during the fight against COVID-19.


Governor of the Kunene Region, Marius Sheya, said the regional council secured the water tanks for mainly the villagers who use to drive long distances on donkey to collect water.


He further explained that the main source of water in that part of the country is groundwater accessed through boreholes.


“We are trying to put these water tanks in areas where people need access to water so that they do not have to travel long distance or crowd those water points,” said Sheya.


He urged the private sector, like the Nexus Group, to donate more water tanks so that communities of the Kunene Region are not left behind in the fight against the fast spreading pandemic.


Sheya concluded by noting that the regional council has been running educational programmes to ensure that the message of COVID-19, as well as the safety measures, reach otherwise isolated community members in the regions.


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