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Bed-ridden octogenarian needs urgent assistance

Bed-ridden octogenarian needs urgent assistance

Placido Hilukilwa

RELATIVES of octogenarian Saara David are finding themselves in a desperate situation.

The 89-year-old bed-ridden widow, who is also a former psychiatric patient, is in dire need of assistance.

Her monthly old age grant is simply not enough to carry all the costs which include hygiene products and food for herself, her care-giver and seven other members of the household who are either minors or unemployed adults.

David is originally from the Haufiku Weenime village in the Epembe constituency of the Ohangwena Region.

After the death of her husband Abraham Hamunyela in 2017, she moved to Oshakati to stay with her daughter Albertina Hamunyela. She was already of ill health but her health has ever since deteriorated and she became bed-ridden. She also lost speech.

Hamunyela said that her mother’s health started deteriorating after the death of her two daughters in 2003 and 2006 respectively.

“She was distressed so much that she needed psychiatric treatment,” said Hamunyela.

When her husband passed away in 2017 she moved to her daughter’s house at Oshakati.


octogenarian Saara David desperate situation
BED-RIDDEN: Octogenarian Saara David Albertina lives in a tent. She needs help urgently. – Photo: Placido Hilukilwa


“I take her to the physician up to four times a month. That is very difficult because our house in the Oshoopala [location] was flooded and we are currently staying in the temporary camp at Onawa where getting transport to the hospital is very difficult,” said Hamunyela who is herself unemployed and is also caring for a year-old grandchild whose mother – her daughter – is employed by an informal trader but she was not paid for the past two months and the business is now closed due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Another member of the household, who was a street vendor, stopped doing business after he was attacked and injured by robbers who stole both his money and his stock.

Hamunyela said that her mother mostly needs assistance in the form of disposable diapers, soap and food.

Hamunyela said that an in-law, Hilya Hangula, assisted them greatly, mostly providing food and soap. But she too can no longer help because her business at the Oshakati open market is temporarily closed.

“I did provide some kind of help, but that is no longer possible since my business is closed due to COVID-19,” said Hangula.

Good Samaritans can contact Hangula at 081 226 5445.

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