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Another fight of returnees expected from the Netherlands

Another fight of returnees expected from the Netherlands

Staff Reporter

THE process of placing Namibians under immediate quarantine when they return from Europe will be repeated this coming Saturday when another group disembarks from a flight that is scheduled to arrive from the Schiphol airport in the Netherlands.


The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, during a press briefing about the latest coronavirus development in Namibia, stated that the number of returnees is not yet known.


He, however, emphasised that those returning will also be placed under immediate quarantine upon arrival.


“Arrangements are currently underway to facilitate their quarantine,” Dr Shangula said.


He also updated the public on the group of 35 people currently under a mandatory 14 day quarantine at the Greiters Hotel and Conference Centre and said that none of the group members have thus far displayed any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 standard case definitions.


Namibians immediate quarantine Europe


“Family members of these individuals as members of the public are strongly discouraged from visiting the facility during this period. Arrangements are in place to facilitate the delivery of essential items, such as food,” the minister said.


Dr Shangula also pointed out that the group of 35 people are quarantined on their own cost and that they were initially supplied with some bais and essential supplies.


“From Tuesday onwards their families are expected to provide them with meals that will have to be delivered at the Emergency Operations Centre in Windhoek. From there, the food will be delivered to the quarantine facility,” he said.


Dr. Shangula once again implored Namibians to avoid crowds, to wash their hands regularly with soap and running water or to apply alcohol based hand sanitiser, to avoid touching their faces and to stay from other people when they are or are becoming sick.


The minister also urged private health service providers to report any suspected cases to the ministry immediately to facilitate early contact tracing and minimise the spread of the virus.


Dr Shangula said that people who have concerns that they might have COVID-19 signs and symptoms or who are in need of more information should call the health ministry’s hotline at 0800 100 100.


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