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Von Bach flood gates opened again

Von Bach flood gates opened again

Niël Terblanché

The flood gates of the Von Bach Dam was opened for the second time this month when it again reached a level of more than 100 percent due to rain in the catchment area of the rivers that feed into Windhoek’s main surface water reservoir on Sunday afternoon.


Only one of the two flood gates was opened to bring the water volume in the dam down to 99 percent after it reached a level of 104 percent.


The number one floodgate was rolled back to make a gap of about half a metre for the excess water behind the wall to escape down a specially constructed chute. The flood gate was opened shortly after 14:00 and only closed at about 16:30 after the water flowed at a rate of 25 cubic metres per second.


The second opening of the flood gates in one month is a unique occurrence.


The sluices had only been opened three times in previous years since the construction of the Von Bach Dam was completed in 1970.


The sluice was closed when the water level in the dam reached a height of 1 349.90 metres above sea level.

Von Bach Dam gates flood

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