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Swapo to install Kamwanka, Shimbulu removed

Swapo to install Kamwanka, Shimbulu removed

Maria David

THE return of Swapo party member Katrina Shimbulu who failed to make it to Parliament after Swapo lost seats in the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections, has left Oshakati – the biggest town in the north – totally paralyzed.


The paralysis has also left some 1 000 flood affected people without proper assistance and the town’s agenda unmet following the rift in council.
Shimbulu said during an interview that she didn’t bring herself back to council, but a directive came from the ruling party for her to be re-instated.


“Meetings were being held here and there where I was the centre of attention, but not once was I ever invited to the meetings like other members,” she said.


Swapo Kamwanka Shimbulu removed lost seats
Pictured: Swapo Regional Coordinator Samuel Nelongo – Photo: File


Shimbulu noted that the letter of removal as council member only came to her attention on Wednesday this week after she found it placed under her house door.


As per Swapo list of 2015, Angelina Kamwanka was next in line before her.
Swapo Regional Coordinator Samuel Nelongo said that it was not true and no directive came from the regional party headquarters to bring back Shimbulu as she is claiming.


He stated that Shimbulu was supposed to find out if the information and instructions issued to her was correct. He added that the politbureau instructions and decisions are not wrong.


“We are finalizing everything as the political bureau instruction was given only on Tuesday on the way forward including the installation of new council members,” said Nelongo.


Nelongo also stated once everything is in place, the party office will give instructions as to when the installation of the new council member is to be done.


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