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Angola: Chinese national has malaria not COVID-19

Angola: Chinese national has malaria not COVID-19

Placido Hilukilwa

ANGOLAN authorities are reporting that as of yesterday, there was still no case of confirmed coronavirus in Angola and strongly dismissed independent media reports earlier this week that a Chinese businessman had tested positive for the coronavirus in a hospital in the Benguela province.


Authorities confirmed that seven suspected cases are currently being investigated, but all previously tested cases proved to be negative.


The Angolan media quoted health minister Silvia Lutucuta as saying that the seven suspected cases currently under investigation include Angolan, Portuguese and American citizens.


Angola coronavirus dismissed COVID-19
STILL CLEAR: João Lourenço. Photo: Contributed


Meanwhile, Angolan president, João Lourenço, has decreed a 14-day state of emergency, suspending from today all commercial and private passenger flights to and from outside the country, the only exception being cargo and humanitarian flights.


The docking of passenger ships will not be allowed and the cross border movement of people is also interdicted


Lourenço also suspended all international missions and foreign visits by members of the executive, central and local administration, which means that the Angolan head of state will not travel until further notice.


Public events that host more than 200 people are prohibited and all public and private establishments that will remain open are required to adhere to necessary sanitary conditions.


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