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Chaotic distribution of drought relief at Okelemba

Chaotic distribution of drought relief at Okelemba

Staff Reporter

WHILE the residents of the Okelemba village in the Ohangwena region appreciate government’s delivery of the drought relief food, they are not happy with the often chaotic way it is distributed.


Informanté witnessed ugly scenes at Okelemba on Tuesday when food was distributed in a manner that left many villagers unhappy, while intense disputes among beneficiaries almost led to a mass fistfight.


The chaos erupted when food distributors decided that every household would only receive one 12,5kg bag of maize meal and two tins of fish, regardless of how many heads there were in each house.


People promptly started murmuring that the decision was unfair to those with large families.



A number of youngsters tried to take the food by force and the distribution had to be suspended temporarily to allow distributors to caucus and consult the list of beneficiaries.


When the distribution eventually resumed, however, chaos also resumed and many villagers had to leave without getting anything while others used the chaos to get more than their fair share.


One villager said: “Our lives are returning to normal after the devastating drought. We now have freshwater fish to supplement our diet and the government is providing us with drought relief food, but they need to improve their way of distributing it to make sure that everyone gets something.”


Ohangwena constituency councillor Johannes Hakanyome said he has ordered that those who were left out be registered. His office will ensure that they too get something to eat.

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